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3-Wheel electric bicycle with cyclo design Introduction

Model Bunch Coupe front body design mounted two front wheels and a rear wheel like a pedicab using electric motors launched in the Netherlands.

According to Electrek, the Coupe is Bunch’s latest electric bike, designed to carry the whole family. With the front trunk for carrying children or pets, behind the driver there’s an extra seat for one more person.

The 3-wheel design consists of 2 front wheels attached to the trunk and a rear wheel giving a unique and fancy look similar to the cyclo design.

The car has a front door opening, made of EPP plastic and has a 3-point seat belt like in a car.

Coupe electric motor Bafang M400 with torque up to 80Nm. The electric motor support is a 36V 20Ah battery and can keep the car going 120km with the help of pedals.

Vehicles equipped with hydraulic disc brakes with two-piston brand Tektro Auriga, automatic transmission NuVinci Enviolo. Aluminum frame with integrated lighting system.

The manufacturer also offers a Hebie Chainglider accessory to completely cover the chain. The entire vehicle’s wiring is included in the chassis, and the battery pack is obscured by the trunk. The coupe uses Schwalbe Big Apple Plus tires, with fenders. The wheels are tilted inward for more stable revs.

Bunch Coupe is produced in the Netherlands, with a suggested price of about 5,100 USD. The company plans to bring the Coupe to the US market in February 2021 and is currently receiving orders.

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