Aether electric motorcycle can filter dust and charge wirelessly

The concept of electric motorcycle called Aether designed by Lin Yu Cheng has excellent air purification ability, it has just been released by the designer with the beauty coming from the future.

Recently, a completely new and different electric motorcycle has been introduced to the world of vehicles. However, this electric motorcycle version will only be admired in the form of a Concept called the electric motorcycle Aether.

It is known that the future Aether electric motorcycle was conceptualized and designed by Lin Yu Cheng – a designer from the North.

The most special feature of this electric motorcycle is that while moving on the road, this car will have an extremely effective air purification effect.

It can be seen, on the two sides of the car is a large wind cavity design that extends from the treble area to the ground. Inside this area is a 2.5PM fine dust filter that is extremely effective and sends clean air to the back of the vehicle.

Not only with excellent air purification, this electric motorcycle is also equipped with a wireless charger when moving to a parking place.

With the lithium battery pack located in the underbody area, the car’s energy battery is charged as soon as it moves to the correct parking position and after 30 minutes, the battery pack will be fully charged.

Currently, the ability to move as well as speed and other equipment on the car has not been revealed by the designer. However, this is definitely one of the great ideas when the car trend in the world is gradually turning to electric vehicles to protect the environment.

If officially researched and released in the future, this will be a beautiful electric motorcycle and bring a bold future beauty to the rider.

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