Alfa Romeo Brera

Sportiness and elegance packaged in a unique, exclusive style. Harmony of shape and volume that add up to a good-looking, powerful and solid car supplemented by Alfa Romeo mechanical and engineering excellence. This, in short, is the soul of the Alfa Romeo Brera, a new prestige coupé that is able to arouse great emotion and guarantee maximum driving satisfaction. The planners and designers had only one aim in mind: to marry the elegant, sporty line of an outstanding car with the quality and comfort of a luxury saloon. They achieved this result by basing the new product on the attractive Giugiaro-designed Brera prototype that won the hearts of the press and the general public, as the long list of prestigious international accolades reveals: ‘Best of Show’, assigned by Autoweek magazine at the Geneva Motor Show; ‘Best of Show’ in the Prototype category at the Villa d’Este Concorso D’Eleganza; 2 category prizes at Challenge Bibendum 2002, one as ‘one of the most elegant cars in the world’; and the title of ‘the most fascinating car’ conferred at the Super Car Rally 2002 from Paris to Monte Carlo. This very respectable CV has now been inherited by the new Alfa Romeo Brera due to go on sale at the end of 2005.

This Giugiaro-designed model turns heads for its unmistakable Italian elegance, an absolutely unique, unrepeatable style that promises the satisfaction of a sporty drive with full respect for Brand traditions. The new model shares this quality with other Alfa Romeo cars within its category that are now remembered as milestones in the history of the motor car. From the 1900 SS to the Giulietta Sprint, from the Alfetta to the Giulia Sprint GT.

The original styling is complemented by generous dimensions: the Alfa Romeo Brera is 183 centimetres wide, 441 cm long and 137 cm high with a wheelbase of 252 cm, although the sharply tapered front and rear make the model look very compact. Despite this, no compromise has been made over comfort and function, as often happens with this type of car.

Inside, the Alfa Romeo Brera also offers a welcoming, well-lit and highly sophisticated environment due to the use of opulent materials and the adoption of innovative products, e.g. a generous fixed glass roof that allows more light into the car and gives passengers a greater sense of space as well as setting off the car’s slender shape to greater effect.

The centre of the Alfa Romeo Brera dashboard also houses a built-in radio and all controls for the sophisticated-looking automatic dual zone climate control system. The radio plus CD player (or MP3 player as an option), offers outstanding Bose sound quality and was designed and built for the passenger compartment. It consists of six speakers and delivers a power output of 570 Watts. The Alfa Romeo Brera adds a host of sophisticated devices and systems to this equipment array that makes it a new benchmark in its segment. Examples include: VDC, Xenon headlights and seven airbags (under the heading of Safety); infotelematic system with radio and phone controls on the steering wheel, Bose Hi-Fi system and CD-changer (for Audio and Infomobility); Cruise Control (for stress-free driving); 16″, 17″ and 18″ alloy wheels (for car customisation). Depending on the market, the range also offers a range of possibilities that are created by cross-matching two JTS direct injection petrol engines (a 185 bhp 2.2 unit and a 260 bhp 3.2 V6 unit), two specifications; 10 body-colours; and 4 interiors in flocked fabric, Alfatex, Frau leather and grosgrain leather.

These opulent interiors are rounded off by exclusive power units. The true heart and the true strength of every Alfa Romeo model is its engine. The Alfa Romeo Brera’s attractive, personality-packed looks conceal a diverse range of outstanding high-tech power units that offer generous performance: a 185 bhp 2.2 unit and a 260 bhp 3.2 V6 unit, both JTS direct injection petrol units. Both power units meet Euro 4 environmental standards and are paired with 6-speed manual gearboxes that feature short travels, slick shifts and low loads. The Alfa Romeo Brera JTS power units have been developed to specifications laid down by Alfa engineers. As such, they represent Alfa Romeo’s interpretation of the direct injection petrol engine, which means driving satisfaction and high performance for the customer. The result is a car capable of exciting performance that is perfectly at home on everyday roads as well.

Apart from Alfa Romeo character, the new car assures outstanding dynamic performance due to a high double wishbone suspension at the front and a Multilink suspension at the rear. The Alfa Romeo Brera combines a sporty attitude with a very comfortable drive and also offers a state-of-the-art Alfa Q4 four wheel drive on the 3.2 JTS. As far as safety is concerned, the Alfa Romeo Brera offers the most sophisticated electronic devices to control the vehicle’s dynamic performance (from braking to traction) and push its dynamic limits still further. These devices are not intrusive for the driver but greatly benefit safety. They have been developed operationally through simulations and meticulous track testing with the aim of ensuring maximum driving satisfaction.

With its safety, power and attractive styling, the Alfa Romeo Brera marks a step forward in the top-of-the-range coupé field, a specific area where Alfa Romeo has always played a leading role. The new vehicle has been designed for quality without compromise. This concept has been pursued throughout all stages of the car’s development process, from product design to the innumerable tests that the car has had to undergo until ready for production. The Alfa Romeo Brera’s quality is also expressed in the choice of opulent interior materials; in the tuning of its Alfa Romeo engines to achieve top-level performance, engine note and driving comfort – and in the optimisation of the sophisticated suspension systems. The term ‘quality’ also describes a world of financial services and products to meet all needs.

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