All New Curtiss One electric motorcycles Introducing, priced from $ 81,000

Curtiss One uses an electric motor that produces a maximum capacity of 120 horsepower and is priced from $ 81,000.

After the Zeus duo, Hera launched in 2019 and Hades in 2020, Curtiss continues to launch an electric motorcycle model named One. Curtiss Motorcycles’ precursor was Confederate Motors – a motorcycle company that manually turned around and produced expensive and expensive bikes.

In 2017, Confederate Motors partnered with electric scooter maker Zero Motorcycles and changed their name to Curtiss Motorcycles. Since then, Curtiss Motorcycles models have a look that bears the Confederate “breath” and carries the “heart” of Zero Motorcycles.

Like previous models of Curtiss, One has a bobber style that blends modern lines. The electric motorcycle is composed of monolithic CNC aluminum details, the characteristic girder multi-point suspension system and the electric motor preset.

As a hand-made model, Curtiss One allows customers to personalize paint materials and colors. On Curtiss’s website, customers can order this model for $ 9,000 while the starting price is $ 81,000. If you add the option, the price may increase.

The customer has 90 days for the design and customization process and after that, the production is completed in the next 60 days. Thus, to receive the car, customers must wait at least 5 months from the date of deposit. Curtiss makes only 100 One and the car will be delivered to customers by the end of this year.

Source: ZIng

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