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All New Yamaha NMax Introducing – 2022

Yamaha NMax 2020 is changed design, comes with 2 engine version options of 125 cc and 155 cc in the European market.

Yamaha Europe has just introduced a new version of the NMax after 5 years of “standing still”, this model is one of the six models in the Urban Mobility segment in Europe. Compared to the old life, the NMax 2020 is designed with a completely new frame, increasing the comfort of the driver.

The windshield on the NMax 2020 is larger than the old one, the front turn indicator light is also moved to the bottom like many other Yamaha models. Thanks to changes in frame design, the fuel tank of the NMax 2020 has a capacity of 0.5 liters larger than the old one, reaching 7.1 liters.

Vehicles equipped with 13-inch wheels, front / rear tire sizes are 110/70 and 130/70 respectively. Front / rear brake systems are all disc brakes combined with one-piston brake calipers, 2-channel ABS is standard equipment.

NMax 2020 uses a monochrome LCD meter cluster that can connect to a phone through the Yamaha MyRide application. With this connection, the car speedometer will display notifications when you receive messages, calls, and emails.

The front small storage compartment is equipped with a USB charging port. NMax 2020 uses smart key system.

Under the 765 mm high saddle is a relatively large storage compartment that can fit a full face helmet.

The engine system of the NMax 2020 is unchanged from the old one. The 125 cc version has a capacity of 12 hp at 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 11.2 Nm at 6,000 rpm, the 155 cc version has a capacity of 14.8 hp at 8,000 rpm. Both engine versions come with traction control technology.

Yamaha NMax 2020 in Europe has 3 color options: Anodised Red, Phantom Blue and Power Gray.

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