All New Yamaha R7 2021 Introducing – First Look

Yamaha officially revealed the image of the Yamaha R7 2021 before its launch, which is a beautiful, sporty and sporty model with a low handlebar like the Yamaha R6.

Recently, Yamaha in Europe has just shared a video clip revealing the attractive headlight design of a new generation Sport bike model, predicted to be the Yamaha R7. However, without waiting for the official launch date of May 18, the expected Sport bike Yamaha R7 has leaked a series of advertising images with a beautiful design.

As can be seen, the vehicle design of the Yamaha R7 model possesses many similarities with the current YZF-R6 senior, with a discreet Sport bike shell that is sharply stroked in the correct aerodynamic design. In the headlight array, in addition to the sharp eyes revealed with attractive positioning LEDs, this head unit also has a set of ball lights placed in the center to ensure lighting tasks.

As a new generation Sport bike model, the Yamaha R7 2021 has a clip-on handlebar that is set quite low, not high to serve as many previous predictions. How will this model be placed by Yamaha in the Sport bike segment in the upcoming launch, we will still have to wait and see the detailed parameters to confirm this.

As observed, all the equipment on the car such as the frame, the original fork, alloy wheels, rear grips, exhaust design and engine block will be completely inherited from the Yamaha MT-07 Naked bike. . The engine block on the car will be a 689cc double cylinder, it is not clear how the power level will be changed.

Let’s wait and see, how will the detailed specifications of the power, appearance as well as the official price of the Yamaha R7 2021 be set on May 18. As expected,

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