Audi A8 2022 first revealed, look like Mercedes-Maybach

The Audi A8 is losing to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, so Audi wants to go one step further for the mid-life upgrade of the full-size sedan.

According to the media, this is the first time the test version of the Audi A8 facelift has been revealed (expected to launch in 2021), but it looks like the car is nearing the launch date, because a part of the front and rear is disguised. Page.

Even with the exterior shielding, the headlight design and front / rear bumpers reveal a new design. Maintaining the recent trend of Audi models, the A8 facelift has an additional small bezel below the main headlight cluster. Overall, the nose is similar to the A3, with only a significantly larger width. The monolithic front / rear bumper completes the exterior change on the new A8.

The interior of the Audi sedan is not expected to change much except for updated infotainment software and added safety technologies. The sensor / camera system in the car will also be partially revised to prepare for a level 4 self-driving system later.

In the transmission array, 100% of the engine options on the A8 will be hybridized sooner or later with the auxiliary 48V system, including the diesel versions or the 6.0L W12 series. This is also very likely the last time this large-format engine is available in a flagship sedan.

A series of sources close to Audi also once again affirmed that the German carmaker wants to revive the Horch sub-brand as the top configuration for the A8 in particular and the large lineup of Audi cars in general to confront Maybach. The Horch cars will be completely modified for the interior and exterior and the best candidate to use the W12 engine if Audi wants to keep this option.

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