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Bentley Bacalar runs the last test.

VIDEO: FIRST LOOK | Bentley Bacalar: the £1.5million, 200mph two-seat drop-top Conti GT | Top Gear. Bentley wants to ensure that every Bacalar worth about £ 1.5 million is perfect before it is built and delivered to the customer.

The limited edition Bentley Bacalar made its world premiere in March this year at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show before the Covid-19 pandemic. Bentley is doing the last serious engineering tests before Bacalar goes on production. With a top speed of more than 322 km / h, Bacalar high-speed stability, handling, noise and vibration tests have all been completed.

The British automaker says the first Bentley Bacalar prototype has been developed and produced for more than 20 weeks, it wants the 12 Bacalar to be delivered to customers next year to be perfect.

Bentley Bacalar needs to undergo long travel tests to demonstrate its durability, as well as tests in high temperature areas up to 80 degrees C and confirm the reliability of the electrical system.

Bacalar owns a design that is not similar to any of the familiar features of the Bentley brand. In fact, the overall design of each Bacalar does not bring the familiar feeling commonly found on the rest of the cars being produced by Bentley itself.

The only detail that makes Bentley Bacalar familiar is the door handle unit inherited from the Continental GT with a keyless smart unlock system. Bacalar has more than 750 new parts, including about 100 unique 3D printing parts.

Bentley Bacalar car prices are shipped at 1.5 million pounds and the luxury car company in the UK wants its products to be perfect before being put into production and delivered to customers.

Customers of this convertible have the right to choose the highest quality materials for the construction of the “love car”, for example, the interior decoration can use Riverwood wood, a super durable material to from naturally fallen tree trunks.

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