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Bentley offers a hand-built car that costs £ 1.5 million

The famous British car company – Bentley has introduced a new line of super luxury cars branded Bacalar with limited edition only 12 units produced.

Bentley is completing the last Bacalar durability and performance testing program before commercial sale.

However, Bacalar is Bentley in limited version, so it has a huge price up to 1.5 million pounds.

Bacalar is capable of reaching a maximum speed of up to 321 kmh, but the ability to operate is very stable in this high speed range.

On the surface, Bacalar is quite similar to the Continental GT W12 engine, but Bentley claims these two cars are very different. Bacalar has up to 750 refreshed parts to meet stringent standards for quality and durability. It has more than 40 parts made of carbon.

Bacalar’s engine is also based on the W12 engine platform but is heavily upgraded to achieve 650bhp and 667 lb ft of torque.

Bacalar has only two seats, convertible and is handcrafted and assembled to the specifications according to the buyers’ requirements.

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