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Bentley takes 40,000 hours of “resurrection” by hand-crafted Blower 1929

VIDEO: Bentley takes 40,000 hours of “resurrection” by hand-crafted Blower 1929. Classic Bentley Car Zero car appearing in this article is the first prototype of 12 “Blower Continuation Series 1929” ever produced by the cult British automaker.

Resurrecting classic cars with modern technology to honor their glorious legacy is not uncommon for historic, well-known car brands. For Bentley recently, it was the “Blower Continuation Series” project of the 1929 Betley Blower, by the Bentley Mulliner division.

Specifically, Mulliner will produce 12 brand new rare Bentley Blower cars, each based on data collected from laser scanning of 1929 4½ Liter race car equipped with supercharger driven by Sir Henry. Heart “Birkin. Recently, they officially introduced the first completed prototype called “Car Zero”, and will now start testing it in real life, and then will build 12 production cars, all of them. pre-sale and customized configuration.

Finished in glossy black with an Oxblood red leather interior from Bridge of Weir, it took Car Zero 40,000 hours to craft it entirely by hand using original drawings and tools on the Mulliner department’s workshop. . In order to obtain special parts and materials, Bentley’s team contacted a number of suppliers outside the UK, including The Vintage Car Radiator Company, Israel Newton & Sons Ltd., engine specialists. NDR and Vintage Headlamp Restoration International in Sheffield.

In fact, for every car, 1,846 individual parts had to be redesigned in the digital space, 230 of which were assembled, starting with the engine. Add in all of the repair and interior decoration parts, and the number went up to several thousand.

Historically, an interesting aspect of classic Bentley Blower is that company founder W. O. Bentley is completely opposed to fitting a supercharger to his giant four-cylinder engine. He even refused to modify the engine’s design, which is why once he lost control of the company, Sir Henry Birkin had to race with a Roots-type supercharger made by Amherst Villiers. placed directly at the end of the crankshaft, thereby increasing forward weight.

As a result, while capable of producing 240 hp, unreliable and inaccurate Bentley Blowers were consistently beaten on the track by self-aspirated 4 Liter Bentley Blowers. of course, just like any other car.

To test this particular four-cylinder engine, Bentley had to convert an engine testing room at Crewe headquarters to accommodate a nearly 100-year-old engine design. Bentley’s testing facilities date back to 1938, and the rooms originally used to run and test the Merlin V12 aerospace engine produced by the Rolls-Royce plant for Spitfire and Hurricane fighters.

Now, Bentley has to use some original fixed-test equipment for the Merlin V12 to place the engine in the clone car’s front chassis, and create new control software to run the control program. Capital tuning is used to tailor more modern equipment.

After being officially introduced, Car Zero will now have to complete the test run on 8,000 km on the track, equivalent to 51,500 km of real-life driving, simulating the Beijing cross-country journey to Paris and Mille. Miglia. Furthermore, it is also scheduled for a full speed test with drivers Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and CEO Bentley.

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