BMW R18 B Touring – Ready to fight Harley-Davidson 2022

The touring version upgraded from the legendary BMW R18 was officially launched by the German automaker with a full range of equipment to serve the driver, the price is up to half a billion dong in Europe.

Recently, the special Cruiser Touring version from Germany has just been officially launched in Europe. Accordingly, the classic BMW R18 model has been upgraded with many spectacular accessories to become a Touring model that can compete fairly with Harley-Davidson both in terms of aesthetics and performance.

Going through some parameters of the BMW R18 B 2022, this model uses the same basic equipment and power as the standard BMW R18. In particular, the Twin Loop Steel frame, double disc brakes in front, a symmetrical twin-cylinder Boxer engine block with a capacity of 1,802cc, producing a maximum capacity of 91 horsepower at 4,750 rpm and torque. -Maximum torque of 157 Nm at 4000 rpm will remain the same.

However, the BMW R18 B 2022 is equipped with a series of changes for Touring purposes by the German automaker such as a thicker and softer stratified saddle, a long rear fender, an increase in the rear shock absorber journey by 30% ( 120mm) for better impact absorption. On the car, the fuel tank capacity increased from 18L to 24L and added 2 side tanks with a capacity of 27L each. All make the car weight up to 398kg.
In addition, BMW R18 B also owns a majestic Faring in front to help prevent wind and dust for occupants. Adds a large 10.25-inch TFT color display clock that supports connecting to smartphones via Bluetooth. The car will still own 3 driving modes including Rain, Road, Rock and advanced electronic systems Automatic Stability Control, Engine Drag Torque Control, Reverse Assist Manoeuvring, Hill Start Control.
According to the announcement, the price of the BMW R18 B 2022 version in Europe is set at 21,495 USD, equivalent to about 495 million VND and will officially go on sale from August 2021.

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