All New MINI John Cooper Works Clubman Full Review- High performance car – 2022

VIDEO: This video about MINI John Cooper Works Clubman review. New MINI John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4 meets the needs of expressing individuality, while bringing powerful performance and unique sports style to the owner.

For more than 60 years, MINI Clubman has become an indispensable name if drivers think of a vehicle that fully converges the elements that make the British car manufacturer’s name, but has more space. comfortable interior compared to traditional hatchback models.

The MINI John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4 (LCI) is the more prominent version when it is a sporty high-performance variant and the most powerful model in the MINI family. At the same time, the appearance of the car is also taken care to create a personality and different from other models.

The most powerful MINI in over five MINI history

For MINI cars, John Cooper Works is essentially the manufacturer’s genuine “degree” package to create a sportier behind-the-wheel experience. The engine, gearbox, brake system, exhaust system and drivetrain are all upgraded to provide outstanding performance.

Powering the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4 is a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, capable of producing a maximum capacity of 306 hp, while the maximum torque is 450 Nm. This parameter is 75 hp and 100 Nm higher than the previous version. For this drastic improvement, MINI engineers have refined many engine components, such as increasing the size of the turbocharger, increasing the injector fuel injection pressure.

In addition, the development team also applies racing technology to pistons, crankshafts, edge arms … to help increase the durability of machine parts when operating. It is known that the engine equipped on the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4 is the most powerful engine block that MINI has ever built. With this engine, the car can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 4.9 seconds, making the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4 the highest-performing MINI car ever.

In addition to the engine, the gearbox is an extremely important factor contributing to the sportiness and smoothness of a high-performance car. The MINI John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4 is equipped with an 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission with an independent cooling system, with the Launch Control function to help create exciting bursts. The Steptronic gearbox has long built the belief that it is a gearbox that allows for fast, precise and smooth shifts in all situations.

In terms of performance, MINI John Cooper Works Clubman is impressed by the all4-wheel drive system with the ability to continuously calculate and distribute the optimum drag between the front / rear axles, depending on the operating conditions. . Under normal conditions, the car uses front-wheel drive. In situations where the front axle loses traction, the system can automatically allocate the full drag force down to the rear axle for a maximum of 100%, or less depending on the conditions. In addition, the limited slip differential helps to significantly increase traction, limit steering or lack of steering, and increase safety when operating in slippery road conditions. , MINI John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4 is the only sports car under 3 billion with this valuable equipment.

The car’s suspension system is adaptive with adjustable stiffness / softness. In SPORT mode, the suspension is stiffer, thereby increasing the feeling of compactness as well as the agility of the body. When set to MID or GREEN mode, the automatic suspension is soft and smooth to increase the comfort of both the driver and the passenger.

Sports style and fashion

Compared with its predecessor, the MINI John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4 still inherits an exciting sporty design, while also possessing a number of changes in the exterior. From the front, still impressing is the LED lighting system with oval daytime positioning strip – an unmistakable identifier on the new generation MINI cars.

In particular, the lighting system also integrates many smart features, with the ability to allocate the light area along the steering angle, automatically lower the light angle when encountering the oncoming vehicle in order not to cause glare for other vehicles.

The car’s grille is painted in glossy black, with a large size with beautiful patterns, ensuring aesthetic needs, and playing a role in increasing heat dissipation efficiency for the engine. On the bonnet as well as running along the body are red stamp lines to help create accents. The rearview mirror has also been redesigned to match the overall fit.

From the side, the most prominent is probably the 18-inch John Cooper Works 5-spoke sports wheel, painted in beautiful and powerful black. Hidden inside the wheel is the John Cooper Works sports brake caliper, painted red. This is a 4-piston brake system for both front and rear with large diameter brake discs, extremely efficient braking performance and essential equipment for a sports car like the John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4.

Behind, the taillights are upgraded with Union Jack flag-shaped LED motifs, increasing awareness when going at night. In addition, the luggage compartment door is divided into two with two horizontal doors, which are also maintained on the new generation of MINI Clubman. The exhaust system on the car is designed in a dual form, with a diameter of up to 95 mm each, meeting the large exhaust pressure, and at the same time creating an excited sound when accelerating.

Another interesting feature is the welcome light system that projects the MINI logo onto the road surface when the driver opens the door, contributing to the driver’s temperament every time he gets on his car.

Luxurious and comfortable cockpit

Stepping inside the cockpit, the driver will be immediately overwhelmed by luxury but equally sporty. Carbon black Cross Punch leather seats, piano black decorative details or a 3-spoke sports steering wheel are one of the points that capture the love of the user at the first contact. In addition to the classy that comes from the right combination of materials, the manufacturer also does not forget to equip the user with a variety of modern comfort technologies.

In the center of the dashboard, the 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment screen is housed in a familiar circular cluster, with an extremely stylish, color-changing LED ring. Users can easily manipulate to fine-tune the functions of the screen via the rotary knob, and quickly connect the phone to the car’s entertainment system thanks to Apple CarPlay.

Meeting the entertainment needs of the most demanding customers, MINI specially equips the car with 12-speaker Harman Kardon sound system with a total capacity of up to 360 W, making the cabin a miniature theater. any time.

Wireless charging on phones is gradually becoming a trend and MINI is also very quick to catch up with the times when equipped with a wireless charging system in the most convenient location. In addition to comfort, safety is also a factor to be at the forefront with the Parking Assistant parking assistant system with integrated reverse camera. With this technology, the car can automatically control the steering wheel to put the car in parking lots, the driver only needs to control the accelerator, brake pedal and gear lever.

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