BMW introduces the new R18 Classic and the updated R nineT series.

Like the standard BMW R18, the Classic features a retro-inspired design reminiscent of the R5s. Starting with the R 18 Classic, this model has been called a “retro touring tour with the beginning of a big touring car”.

Like the standard R18, the Classic features a retro-inspired design reminiscent of the R5s. However, the car is equipped with LED lights, windshield and 16-inch wheels. This model is also equipped with a rear seat and accessory bag.

Customers looking for more unique options can opt for the R 18 Classic First Edition. It has a black exterior with white accents and chrome trim. The model also has a “First Edition” badge on the sides.

Like the standard models, the R 18 Classic is powered by a large 1.8-liter 2-cylinder boxer engine that produces 90 hp and 150 Nm of torque.

Next up, the BMW R nineT features a revised boxer engine with a new cylinder head and integrated movement system that allows for “cleaner burning and increased torque”. Thanks to the changes, this model now meets EU-5 pollution requirements.

In addition to being more environmentally friendly, the engine produces 108 hp at 7,250 rpm instead of 108 hp at 7,750 rpm. That may not sound like much, but BMW says “the level of pulling power is now obviously better.” That said, the torque rating remains unchanged at 116 Nm.

Other upgrades include: New suspension with cruise-dependent damping, ABS Pro with dynamic brake control, and a new standard Road and Rain driving mode. Buyers also get a new watch face, LED light and USB charging.New options include the Comfort package with Pro drive mode, cruise control and heated steering wheel. There are also new paint color options as well as the limited edition R nineT Urban G / S. Known as the “Edition 40 Years GS”, it features a gold and black exterior in honor of the R 100 GS.

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