BMW X8 may be released next year: “King” of BMW’s SUV is gradually revealed

Not X7, but X8 really deserves to be called with the nickname “Last Boss” in the BMW family.

Recently, leaked images of a full-size SUV with BMW’s signature design DNA were suddenly captured by Western paparazzi. Based on these images, this is definitely not a prototype of the X7 series but most likely it is the X8, the large SUV line that is receiving many rumors in the BMW family.

Specifically, according to the images recorded by reporters, it can be seen that the new X8 model possesses a large and muscular appearance. However, the design of this car is significantly softer than its brother X7, especially in the softer beveled rear roof.

With such appearance, the BMW X8 will likely keep the 3-row configuration with a spacious 6-7-seat layout. In addition, the BMW X8 may also have the most modern and advanced equipment, but all will be developed on the basis of the X7 model.

This also means that the new X8 will have “shared” versions of the engine or equipped with the X7. However, as a model with the title “last boss”, the X8 will probably have more high-performance M version to match its name. This version, if released, is expected to use the 4.4L V8 engine platform of the X7 M50i prototype, but adds an electric motor that increases the capacity by 200 more horsepower, bringing the total power of the car to reach. 760 horsepower threshold.

With the above figures, the BMW X8 M will also become the most powerful car in the history of the BMW family.

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