High-end naked bike BMW S1000R Introducing, priced at 14,740 EUR – 2022

BMW’s most advanced naked bike model is the S1000R 2021 that has just been announced the official price in Europe, at 14,740 EUR. Finally, this day comes, the BMW S1000R 2021 officially revealed with a completely new look and power.

One month after BMW introduced the naked bike model S1000RR 2021, the German carmaker officially announced the selling price for its powerful naked bike model. Accordingly, the price of the BMW S1000R 2021 in Europe is listed at 14,740 EUR, equivalent to about 415 million VND.

It is known that the BMW S1000R 2021 is the latest generation of the S1000R naked bike line with comprehensive improvements in both appearance, equipment and power.

Specifically, replacing the asymmetrical double headlights in the old version will be a more compact single headlight with a shape that is quite similar to the headlights of the junior F900R. On the other hand, the body and rear of the S1000R inherit the design and design of the Supersport S1000RR 2020 version.

The car cover will also no longer have a cavity shaped like the old version, instead a simpler cut line. The rear of the car no longer looks sharp, but simpler and more practical thanks to the extra hand bag.

In terms of power, the heart of the BMW S1000R 2021 is a 4-cylinder engine block, 999cc capacity, liquid-cooled, producing 165 horsepower capacity and maximum torque of 114 Nm. Comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox equipped with a sliding clutch assist with the MSR engine brake force control system.

According to BMW Motorrad, the BMW S1000R 2021 has improved the chassis, helping to reduce the weight of the vehicle, but still ensuring the rigidity and flexibility of the car. In addition, other noteworthy equipment on the car can include full LED lighting system, 6.5-inch TFT color screen and advanced suspension.

As the most modern naked bike model of BMW, S1000R 2021 owns a lot of supporting electronic technology such as electronic throttle with 3 running modes, Dynamic Pro operating support feature, front wheel deflection control system, BDC brake control system and anti-lock braking system ABS tilt sensor.

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