Bugatti Royale, a pair of speakers for billionaires, manufactured by TIDAL Audio and Bugatti supercar company

Bugatti Royale is made by TIDAL ultra hi-end speaker company, with a 4-way design, following an active hybrid structure (integrated amplifier) ​​with a total of 7 drivers.

Bugatti, a brand that makes million-dollar hypercars, has joined hands with TIDAL, a famous German ultra hi-end company, to create a true line of high-end audio equipment. Both brands in the leading group of the industry share the common philosophy that is to create perfect audio-visual devices in materials, designs with the ability to perform honestly.

Bugatti Royale will be the first speaker line of this brand duo, with a monolithic design weighing 160kg with impressive 3D curves in the style of the Bugatti supercar. There is currently no detailed information about the fabrication materials, internal structure and it is likely that the Bugatti Royale cabinet will use many components made of carbon fiber. Through the image, the Bugatti Royale speaker box has many chrome-plated details, the drivers are kept on a thick metal plate on the front, the aluminum monolithic base is very impressive.

Built by TIDAL, it’s no surprise that the Bugatti Royale speaker is full of diamond and ceramic drivers. Specifically, this super speaker is equipped with a 30mm large diameter diamond tweeter, 127mm ceramic diaphragm standard mid (customers can still upgrade to the same diameter diamond mid), 2 170mm aluminum diaphragm woofer. However, inside Bugattie Royale is also equipped with active woofer system with 4 265mm woofer symmetrically arranged on the two sides of the speaker.

This pair of speakers has a hybird-active 4-way texture and is paired with a Royale MC-1 source. Tidal Bugatti Royale will have two versions of monochromatic color schemes and two-color combinations in supercar style. In addition, the company also has two limited editions of only 15 pairs of Royale Edition Blanc which are all white as a sculpture and a black piano Royale Edition Noir.

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