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Bugatti Type 57S “Dulcie” after more than 80 years is priced at 7 million pounds

VIDEO: Bugatti Type 57S “Dulcie” after more than 80 years is priced at 7 million pounds. Bugatti Type 57S “Dulcie” born in 1937 is said to be quite original and is a rare item today, it will probably be bought by a collector, or a museum at a super expensive price.

Dulcie had been owned by the same owner for 51 years, Bill Turnbull, a former member of Bugattiste, but he decided to part with his treasure. This 80-year-old Bugatti will become the focus of an auction event organized by Bonhams, taking place on February 19, 2021. Expected, the car will be auctioned from 5 – 7 million pounds. It will be sold even if it does not reach the estimated value above.

This classic Bugatti Type 57S has a chassis number 57530 and is still preserved in its original condition, as beautiful as new. Turnbull was not the first owner of the car, but he was the one who tried to repair and repair it. Before he agreed to auction his rare antique car, he kept it private in his North Staffordshire factory.

The value 57S is powered by a 3.3-liter Bugatti engine and still retains a hull made by Corsica Coachworks. The chassis was made for three Bugatti Type 57G “Tank” sports racing cars, with the auctioneer saying that one of the two missing chassis was reused for this car. Only 42 57S were ever built, but the particular one here becomes even more special for that reason.

It has an almost perfect black finish, cream-colored leather interior and original bodywork. It is sold with a certificate and a fully recorded historical data file, including correspondence with Turnbull’s previous owners during his attempt to restore the vehicle.

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