Chinese people rushed to buy luxury cars, Bentley had a great year

Bentley has achieved record sales with 11,206 cars sold in the global market.

The year 2020 is over and automakers have started to announce their results for the past 12 months. It can be said that 2020 is a year full of difficulties and challenges for automakers around the world due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. Most car manufacturers have fallen into sales decline in the past year, with only a few rare cases of growth. Bentley is the second case company.

Accordingly, in the past year, Bentley has sold a total of 11,206 luxury cars to customers worldwide. Not only increased by 2% compared to 2019, this is also the unprecedented record sales in the 101-year history of the British brand.

Bentley achieved this result despite having to close the factory for seven weeks during the first social break in the UK in March 2020 due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nine weeks later, Bentley’s factory is only running at half its normal capacity.

It is known that Bentley has a great year thanks to the number of cars sold in the Chinese market increased by 48% to 2,880 units in 2020. In which, the luxury sedan Bentley Flying Spur is favored by Chinese consumers. above all.

In addition, Bentley sales in the US market also increased 4% to 3,035 units. Bentley’s success in the US market stems from luxury models such as the new Flying Spur, the Continental GT Coupe and the Continental GT Convertible.

However, the brand’s sales in Europe and the Middle East declined. Specifically, in 2020, Bentley sold 2,193 cars to European customers, down 18%. Particularly in the UK home market, Bentley sales only reached 1,160 units, down 22%. Next is the Middle East market with 735 units sold and the Asia-Pacific with 1,203 units (up 6%).

In 2020 alone, the pair Continental GT Coupe as well as the Continental GT Convertible contributed 24% and 15% of the total sales of Bentley brand. The corresponding figure of the luxury SUV Bentley Bentayga is 37%.

“Looking at the next year, we still keep an optimistic attitude but be cautious because there are many uncertainties,” said Adrian Hallmark, Bentley brand director.

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