Colorado ISV military version pickup Introducing – 9 seats

GM Defense, the military vehicle division of General Motors, has just announced the upgrade of the Concord facility, North Carolina, USA to prepare for assembly ISV – the latest official multi-terrain military vehicle for the US military. . Thanks to a complete reworking of the rear body frame, the ISV can carry up to 9 people at once – a factor not easy to imagine knowing that the chassis is shared with … Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 – high performance version of the American pickup medium.

Worth mentioning, although the two-sided design is not much the same, GM claims the ISV has 90% of the same Colorado components (including high-performance Chevrolet Performance components). With a total weight of 2,268 kg, the ISV is not too heavy to be transported easily by the CH-45 Chinook military transport helicopter.

The ISV’s greatest strength compared to Colorado often includes an extremely advanced anti-roll protection system, thanks in part to the new outer frame – essential because on the battlefield overturn is synonymous with systems. extremely unpredictable implications. The ISV project from Colorado gives GM Defense a contract worth 214 million USD from the US military, of which the number of vehicles to produce is 2,065 units, equivalent to about 100,000 USD / vehicle.

ISV uses the right high-end engine appeared on the Colorado ZR2 line Duramax 2.8L I-4 turbocharged 186 horsepower diesel, similar to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

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