Dodge Challenger Hellcat has a horse wheel that can drift

The WhistlinDiesel Youtube channel often has fun creations with cars. This time they have mounted horse wheels in the Dodge Challenger Hellcat

WhistlinDiesel has changed all the standard tires of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat to old horse wheels. They made custom wheels in a special garage and soldered the axles to attach to the Dodge.

Before that, the channel tried to do it on a truck with wooden wheels. When mounted on a vehicle, these special wheels and tires have additional spacers. The funny thing is that the noise from the tires of the car is more like the sound of rubber seconds than the tires. The tires are so thin that the front brake locks the wheels but the rear can still be pushed up with just a slight throttle.

They went to lots of different locations, such as auto parts stores, streets, and even a Dodge dealership to see people’s reactions to their creations and were not surprised to see so many people. see.

At about 11 minutes and 10 seconds we come to what we’ve all been waiting for: burning the tires. Before they start, they’ll turn off traction control, though they’ll do it with it on. As expected, the car is easy to burn, leaving a lot of smoke and a wide tire streak with pencil when operating. In less than 2 minutes of “slightly turning” the tires, they were just bare and they stopped when the wheels cut the road.

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