Explore the unique “jumping trunks” mini pickups

The cost of each pickup is in the tens of thousands of dollars, but what the owner receives is a very poisonous vehicle.
In the early to mid-1980s, the American auto-tuning craze was rampant with unique paint schemes, hydraulic suspension, and a degree of fervor for the excesses. But many classic custom-built cars of this type have long been forgotten along with most of the cool lowriders.

However, saying that does not mean that all ancient vehicle-tuning cultures are extinct, Hoppo’s Custom Suspension and Hydraulics is one of the places that not only keeps the culture of “jumping crate” mini pickups existing but also helps. it spreads again.

Shop owner Alex Tuason has been helping his dad build this type of hydraulic system pickup truck for the past 30 years, when Hoppo’s first started. The trend of highly complex paint pickup trucks with fully freely maneuverable hydraulic-assist tanks emerged around the world for a short time before fading again in the early and midst of year 2000.

Tuason and his shop are so persistent in making hydraulic components for suspension and trunks that they are proud to be the main supply store for all of Southern California.

As we can see in the video above, Hoppo’s store can offer a variety of unique custom parts for mini pickup trucks. With body hulls mostly flat surfaces, these cars look like the perfect white painting for a paint finish based on the owner’s preference.

In addition, each car finishes its exterior “beautification” with a hydraulic system that supports the body, with some preferring to have more speakers while others simply get it. covered in brilliant stickers. In general, these pickups have been maintained and modified to meet the standards of pickup trucks from the 1980s with jumping trunks.

To completely customize these extremely toxic pickups, owners are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars. One owner shares the total cost of building his or her car to more than 23,000 USD. The painting costs $ 10,000 and the back painting costs $ 1,600. The hydraulic system for these will cost around $ 5,000, and other tuning will bring the total cost even higher, with some possibly exceeding the total cost of $ 30,000.

As with any custom car, the ultimate important thing is whether the owner likes their car or not. The pickup truck with a dancing barrel has a loyal fan base, and they feel very satisfied with their vehicle. While some prefer to take their cars to competitions at related events, others simply enjoy the fun of impressing kids and the mini pickup community in general.

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