Ferrari 308 with Tesla electric motor win Ferrari Testarossa on the drag track

The Ferrari 308 was inherently much slower than the Testarossa, but the electric motor swap reversed everything.

There’s nothing really exciting about putting a Ferrari 308 head-to-head in front of a Testarossa. The simple reason is that the newer, more powerful Testarossa will quickly outgrow the well-designed but technically “outdated” 308. To reverse this situation, we of course need a few important adjustments, for example removing the 308’s V8 and replacing it with a high-performance electric powertrain.

That’s exactly what Electric Classic Cars in the UK did. Specifically, the 308 in the fascinating drag racing video of the YouTube channel “carwow” has been swapped with a complete Tesla powertrain. That means it produces 450 hp and 599 Nm of torque instantly, and especially now that the car is even lighter than before.

Equipped with a new electric powertrain, the 308 now has more power and torque than the Testarossa. Adding in the electric motor’s instantaneous acceleration and weight advantage, it’s no surprise to see the 308 beat its younger sibling.

In both a stationary start and a race from a specific speed, the 308 can easily get ahead of the V12-powered Testarossa. While there’s nothing left to compare with the Testarossa’s already-earned sound and manual transmission feel, even if the 308 gives the Testarossa the lead, the result remains unchanged. In short, the electric Ferrari wins every “carwow” situation presented.

Source: carwow

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