Ferrari 412’s unique “super pickup” in the world is only $ 27,000

1985 Ferrari 412 super pickup has the world’s most incredible style after a refresh, only priced at 27,000 USD.

In the world of strange tuning, a Ferrari super pickup is probably unexpected and makes many people ask the question “Why?” Of course, there are also people who feel it is an interesting idea and admire the person who dares to make it happen.

In fact, there is a 1985 Ferrari 412 pickup in existence, and it is even being offered at auction with an expected price of about 20,000 – 27,000 USD. It’s a 1985 Ferrari 412 that was converted into a pickup in 2014 for a TV show Ultimate Wheels. No matter how you feel about the car, it really stands out from the crowd because it is the only Ferrari pickup in the world.

Elo and Will, two Ultimate Wheels showers, created this special car by cutting off the rear seats and pushing the C-pillar forward to form the body. Considering it’s still a Ferrari, they’ve paved the teak deck for a more classy look, and added a storage rack right behind the front headrests.

The 137 cm long trunk has no rear doors, but the car does get an upgraded rear suspension to handle the extra weight. On the whole, the production team wants to build an exotic car, but also make sure it can work well in practice. The interior of the car is almost unchanged. The front seats are upholstered in the original cream white leather, but the discerning eye can spot some changes like a new sound system in the center console and a more modern-looking steering wheel.

The car’s odometer read 38,200 miles (61,476 km). However, this unique Ferrari in the world not only lost the back seat and part of the roof during the transition, so the numbers above may be inaccurate. The 412’s 4.9-liter V12 engine has been removed, replaced by a 5.7-liter Chevrolet V8, paired with the original GM Turbo-Hydramatic 3-speed automatic transmission. The car now even has two large air intakes protruding from the hood.

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