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All New Ferrari 488 GT Modificata Introducing , Super strong, Super rare Car

The special Ferrari 488 GT Modificata supercar will only be sold to drivers participating in Competizioni racing with Ferrari or Club Competizioni GT. The price of this “rare goods” supercar has not been disclosed.

The Italian automaker has introduced a limited edition 488 GT Modificata. The vehicle uses technologies developed for the 488 GT3 and 488 GTE. In particular, the Ferrari 488 GT Modificata is only used in the racetrack and at events of Ferrari Club Competizioni GT.

Similar to the 488 GTE, this model has a carbon fiber body. Ferrari engineers improved the aerodynamics of the 488 GT Modificata by lowering the car and shifting the center of gravity forward.

Total compressed air is generated at more than 1,000 kg when the new Ferrari 488 GT Modificata 2021 runs at 230 km / h.

Standard equipment on the car can be mentioned as the V-Box which works with the Bosch telemetry system, the rear camera, the second seat, the tire pressure sensor.

The brakes on the 488 GT Modificata were developed by Ferrari with Brembo, the ABS system was taken from the 488 GT3 Evo 2020 but re-set to better match the 488 GT Modificata.

Ferrari 488 GT Modificata is equipped with twin turbocharged V8 engine, capacity of about 700 horsepower. Compared to the GT3 and GTE variants, this model is much more powerful thanks to a new gear ratio and a carbon fiber clutch.

As a limited model, the 488 GT Modificata will be sold only to Competizioni GT participants with Ferrari or Club Competizioni GT. The price of Ferrari 488 GT Modificata 2021 has not been revealed.

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