Ferrari’s first utility vehicle Revealed

Recently, the images of Purosangue test runs in Ferrari hometown Maranello have been revealed.

Previously, new rumors about its powertrain had begun to emerge, such as the styling of the car or the Purosangue that runs on gas, hybrid and even electric.

However, currently the Ferrari Roma-inspired styling of the Italian manufacturer’s first utility vehicle remains a closely guarded secret, leading us to correctly speculate what the Purosangue might look like. Come on.

The exposed images show a sleek, modern multi-purpose vehicle that is quite typical with Ferrari’s strong front, sporty duck-tail rear spoiler and some F12-like lines along the body.

The shape and overall proportions seem to have many similarities with the Maserati Levante, but Levante is based on the same platform as the Jeep Grand Cherokee and not the Ferrari utility vehicle.

In the past, Ferrari has called its upcoming model “FUV” or “Ferrari Utility Vehicle”, making it clear that the automaker is placing more emphasis on sound, performance, aesthetics and driving experience. vehicles than most auto manufacturers. That explains why the Purosangue will only have seats for up to 4 adults, not 5, and why this utility vehicle is rumored to have an 800-horse version of Ferrari’s amazing V12 petrol engine. force.

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