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Ford Bronco car prices are being crazily increased by 5 times compared to the starting price proposed by the company.

Not only dealers but also many customers in the US buy Ford Bronco to sell “surfing” to make a quick profit.

Ford Bronco can be considered the most – wanted model of Ford in particular and the US market in general in 2021. In other words, Ford Bronco is a must-buy model in 2021 of US customers. While some customers want to buy Ford Bronco due to travel needs, others buy and sell.

According to Ford, the best-selling Bronco model has been sold with the cheapest price at $29,995 for the standard 3-door version, but on some current car sales platforms, some Bronco models are being listed for sale for more than 100,000. USD, in particular, there is a Bronco posted by users listed for up to 150,000 USD.

However, most of the Ford Bronco for sale at this very high price are the special Bronco First Edition with a limited number of 7,000 vehicles and the addition of some special equipment. Therefore, the 4-door Bronco First Edition in the US has a list price of 63,250 USD. This price gives customers an SUV with a lot of expensive equipment, but is the price of the car up to 150,000 reasonable?

In addition, some of the Bronco listed above have not even been selected to be equipped on Ford’s sales page, which means that even if they spend a large amount of money, customers will have to wait until November. after completing all car buying procedures

In addition to Bronco First Edition, some users are also selling other equipment such as Badlands for $ 115,000 , while the listed price of this equipment is $ 46,730. The above Ford Bronco Badlands has rolled about 110 km, and is available with the Sasquatch offroad upgrade package worth $ 2,495..

If you are still determined to buy a Ford Bronco Edition and have financial conditions, users can refer to the purchase of a Ford Bronco First Edition that will be assembled in November for up to $ 165,000. The seller said that this Bronco was fully equipped with the necessary “options” with a total price of 72,558 USD. In other words, the car seller will make a profit of about 90,000 USD if there is a customer who is very eager to buy and ready to spend money immeditately.

It can be said that the price manipulation with the Bronco model is a common situation in the US market. Not long ago, a Ford Bronco First Edition was resold for $126,500, more than twice the list price. Being aware of this benefit, many agents have also used the trick of ignoring customers who have pre-ordered with deposit to sell to retail customers at a higher price.

Facing the situation of price manipulation and ignoring dealers’ customers, Ford has introduced a new policy for dealers, forcing each dealer to meet a quota of 60% of imported Bronco cars to reach customers who have pre-ordered. , the remaining 40% can be sold to retail customers. If this quote is not met, Ford will cut off the vehicle supply to the offending dealer.

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