Ford Ranger become stronger and more agressive

Prior Design team in Germany recently introduced a wide body package that can be installed for all versions of the old Ford Ranger pickup line, produced from 2011 to present.

Prior Design is a vehicle customization group based in the Lower Rhine (Germany) region, specializing in Porsche, Mercedes-Benz or Audi models. Recently, Prior Design attracted attention when participating in customizing a pickup with the introduction of the widebody package for the old Ford Ranger.

According to Prior Design, this wide-body Ford Ranger package can be installed on all Ford Ranger versions produced from 2011 to present.

The vehicle is equipped with a front bumper with a design similar to the Raptor version. In parallel, the steering wheel is also renewed, containing Prior logo and comes with the option to upgrade to a logo made of carbon fiber.

Prior’s wide body package for Ford Ranger includes 8 parts, which not only give the Ranger a more aggressive and eye-catching appearance, but also create more space to equip the large size tires. Users can select wheels from 18 inches to 20 inches and raise the height of the car.

In the rear, the Ranger has a rear bumper with a square, sturdy shape and a small spoiler on the door.

The total cost of the Ford Ranger package is approximately $ 6,300.

At the same time, Prior Design said that the car’s interior is also upgraded with materials such as leather and Alcantara.

In addition, users can also choose the body package made entirely from carbon fiber, but the cost will increase significantly.

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