Ford Edge China Introducing, new design, interior like a Mercedes-Benz luxury car – 2022

The difference of the Ford Edge 2021 in the Chinese market lies in the driver’s cabin. Ford equips the Ford Edge with two digital dashboard displays and interconnected infotainment screens. These two screens form a block 21 inches in size. This design exudes a healthy and creative look.

Recently, Ford has launched a new version of the mid-size SUV Edge. The car is called the Edge Plus in the Chinese market. The Ford Edge Plus 2021 for the Chinese market has a different exterior design from cars sold in the US.

In the new generation, Edge Plus applies the new design language of Ford. At the top of the car, this mid-size SUV is equipped with a new hexagonal grille with dark edging, extending to the sides of the headlights.

About the headlights, inside the headlight cluster are 2 LEDs and an upside-down “L” shaped daytime positioning LED strip. The Ford Edge Plus 2021 also has a wide 2-sided wind cavity, comes with a “J” shaped chrome rim for decoration that makes the front end look more attractive.

In addition, the side and tail design changed less. The car is equipped with horizontal taillights, connected by a thick chrome brace in the middle, located above the Ford logo.

On the other hand, the rear bumper of the Ford Edge Plus 2021 is still designed in 2 colors. In particular, the number plate mounting area is designed with a rather large trapezoidal shape. The 2 ends of exhaust pipes are located in fake wind diffusers.

As an option, the Ford Edge Plus 2021 is available in both 5-seater and 7-seater versions.

In the interior compartment, the driver will probably immediately notice the large screen of this mid-size SUV. These are 2 connected screens. Collectively form a 21-inch block. This design follows the style of luxury Mercedes-Benz cars.

In particular, Ford also moved the central air-conditioning door of this mid-sized SUV to the position under the infotainment screen. Below that is the screen of the air conditioning system and 2 mechanical knobs for users to adjust for easy.

Another highlight, the center console of this car does not have a gear lever. This model uses a gear knob. Next to it is a covered storage compartment, integrated wireless smartphone charging tray and USB port …

In terms of headroom, the legroom for the second row passengers has been increased.

This model also features a new B&O sound system and C-V2X technology. This technology enables real-time linking of vehicles to vehicles, vehicles with infrastructure, and vehicles with a cloud-based urban traffic control platform. Edge Plus, Explorer is one of the first two Ford models in China to be equipped with this advanced technology.

In terms of operation, the Ford Edge Plus 2021 in the Chinese market owns a 4-cylinder, turbocharged EcoBoost petrol engine, with a capacity of 2.0L, producing a maximum capacity of 245 hp and a maximum torque of 390 Nm. . The power is transmitted to the wheels through an 8-speed automatic transmission. Ford Edge 2021 will have all-wheel drive in the premium version,

It also has a Ford Co-Pilot360 intelligent steering system with adaptive cruise control, allowing this SUV to drive a level 2 semi-autonomous vehicle.

In terms of price, the Ford Edge Plus 2021 has a total of 6 versions with prices from 229,800 to 309,800 yuan in the Chinese market,

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