Ford uses mountain goats to promote “Go On All Terrain” technology.

Go On All Terrain (Go On All Terrain) mode on a Ford Bronco Sport makes Ford experts think a very unique idea. That is to use mountain goats and horses to promote this model.

Specifically, Ford’s global sports car is the Bronco Sport with GOAT (Go On All Terrain), and the word (goat) means goat in English. So Ford wants to bring mountain goats and horses in as the main actors in the commercial clip.

Talking about this idea, Stuart Jennings, creative director of promotional video production company, said: “To use animals as actors in an authentic environment, we did a lot of work to have lifelike footage, including goat breed research, hiring an animal trainer to develop our visual scenario ”.

In particular, the production team even set up a schedule to train the actors to be animals, but unexpectedly, goats were harder to train than horses.

“Goats are very smart, but they are stubborn, sometimes they stand still and refuse to move, which takes us more time to seduce them to move,” said Stuart Jennings.

In the process of making the commercials, to make things easier, the team used a special food to lure them.

The Bronco Sport ads have made a strong visual impression, giving customers a strong impression of the model with GOAT mode, overcoming all the mud, snow or gravel, to desolate heights.

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