Fordzilla P1 – a virtual world racing car designed by gamers – officially launched in real life.

Of course, the Fordzilla P1 is just a model for display purposes and cannot be run.

Earlier this year, Ford called on esports players from its Team Fordzilla to design a new virtual racing car. After that, the fans themselves picked the winning design, and it was revealed in digital photo format back in August.

Everyone thought the story ended here, but Ford surprised everyone by deciding to build a full-size model. With points reminiscent of the Ford GT 2020, the P1 looks like a racing car of the future 30 years.

This is the first time an automaker has come up with a real-life virtual car designed with gamers and a physical model before releasing it in the game. Ford asked gamers to vote for enough details, including configuration, engine position, and cockpit definition. Nearly 250,000 people helped Team Fordzilla complete the final design.

The exterior styling of the Fordzilla P1 race car was written by Arturo Arino, while the interior comes from Robert Engelmann’s imagination, both designers at Ford. Like the McLaren model with the same name, Ford’s P1 is built around a monocoque structure, but in this case the main and sub-pilot are covered by a fighter-type glass dome.

Arion wants his design to have elements from the GT supercar, including a beautiful fender, curved side panels, and a floating panel in the back. Since the video game world is not subject to a single crash standard, the rear end is completely exposed and optimized for aerodynamics.

Inside, the Fordzilla P1 features an LED notification system, allowing riders to communicate with the pit road team. Since this is a racing car, the interior has no distracting details for the driver to focus 100% on setting lap time records.

Ford finished building the P1 in just seven weeks, turning it from a CAD design to a full-scale model without any “face-to-face” interactions due to the pandemic situation. Team Fordzilla even added a few words typical of the game world around the car such as: AFK, #levelup, #liftoff, and GLHF.

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