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Future design of the Bugatti Bolide supercar

The latest Hypercar Bolide model from the French car brand not only impresses with its amazing speed, excellent performance drawn from many years of Bugatti’s experience.

The new Bugatti Bolide’s design adheres closely to the “Form follows Performace” philosophy (ie: form follows performance). With the question “What If” has aroused a lot of curiosity in the world car industry, Bugatti posed a question and answered himself: What if Bugatti builds an ultra-light and dynamic car. Its iconic 8.0-liter W16 engine without any restrictions on weight-to-power ratio.

The answer to this question is the Bugatti Bolide supercar with a bold design and “crazy” ideas. This is the fastest and lightest car in the modern era of Bugatti with the famous W16 engine block capable of producing up to 1850 horsepower and delivering the same performance as a Formula 1 car. This car can reach a maximum speed of over 500 km / h.

The designer Nils Sajonz is one of the important “factors” that contributed significantly to the design of this cult hyper car. Before joining Bolide’s main design team, Sajonz was involved in the design of the company’s cars such as Divo, La Voiture Noire or Centodieci. With his hard work as well as great creative ideas, after completing the Bolide project in a 5-person design team, he was promoted to Head of Special Projects at Bugatti Design.

“Working to design the Bugatti Bolide is an extraordinary experience,” says Nils Sajonz. In addition, he added: “Bolide is a clear expression from our design team. We recognize that a race-focused super sports car is Bugatti’s best next move, and the Bolide is a prime example of our design principles. It is radical and contemporary, everything that Bugatti represents. Bugatti never stands still and we are always looking for the next target. “

Inspired by Formula 1 racing cars, this hypercar can generate up to 1.8 tons of force on the rear spoiler and 800 kg in the front wing at 320 km / h. Both of these units can be adjusted to various levels manually. The most special thing about this detail is the embossed “bubbles” with a height of 5 mm.

According to the French supercar maker, these aerodynamic “bubbles” will help reduce 10% of the traction and 17% of the lift force created by the wind through the car. The reduction of the two negative forces mentioned above will give the rear spoiler a “cleaner” airflow to optimize the pressure.

Towards the front of the car, the X-shaped lines are evident when looking at the center body or above the wheel arch. Bugatti’s familiar horizontal-hip C line is streamlined, smaller and more angular. Bolide’s navigation lights are in the shape of an X, a detail that the company shares is inspired by their most successful racing car Bugatti Type 35 with glued headlights to prevent breakage when racing. .

Also in this area, Bugatti left the front of the car bare, creating three different wind paths. One is brought up above the bodywork, one underneath and one that directs the air through the inner tube, to the radiator at the rear.

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