Geely KX11 – Chinese car Ready To compete with Toyota Fortuner

The all-new KX11 SUV is now the new flagship SUV of Chinese brand Geely. The KX11 will be developed on the CMA platform used for Xingyue, Xingrui / Preface and Volvo XC40.

Geely soon had a three-row crossover in its lineup, the Haoyue / Okavango based on the MPV Jiaji, a low-cost vehicle suitable for developing markets in regions such as Southeast Asia. However, with the new Geely KX11 2021 is completely different.

The completely new Geely KX11 is considered to be in a different position from its “brothers”. It is different from the Haoyue, specifically the KX11 will not use a rudimentary torsion beam suspension, but will be equipped with an independent rear suspension.

Geely’s superiority is shaped by Geely from the outside with many design cues borrowed from Xingrui. The KX11 also features a signature expanded space grille, slender L-shaped headlights and fancy bone-shaped air cavities. The aesthetics are enhanced with elegant chrome details.

Like Xingrui, the shoulder ribs of the KX11 run straight from the front end to the rear lights, combined with a Geely-style front fender, very square and muscular. Geely KX11 has a choice of wheels with sizes ranging from 18 to 20 inches.

At the rear, the Geely KX11 SUV has a number of striking similarities with the Audi Q8, such as the wide angled taillights and powerful diffuser, making the rear look sportier. In terms of size, the Geely KX11 is slightly larger than the Xingyue, with a length of 4,770 mm, width of 1,895 mm, height of 1,689 mm and a wheelbase of 2,845 mm. With such a high-class, fashionable design, the KX11 will be a worthy competitor to the “cautious” Toyota Fortuner.

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