GMC Hummer EV Introducing

After a long production hiatus (2010), the Hummer brand finally returned to the all-electric GMC Hummer EV.
Thanks to the 3-motor engine that GMC Hummer EV produces 1,000 hp and an estimated torque of 15,591 Nm with the dual Ultium battery pack, General Motors estimates a range of up to 560 km on Edition 1.
The Hummer EV Edition 1 can support fast single-current 800 V charging with a capacity of up to 350 kW, allowing a range of 160 km to be reached in just under 10 minutes of charging. This launch will go on sale in the fall of 2021 with a starting price of $ 112,595 and will be the first in a line of four Hummer EVs.

Next is the Hummer EV3X that will be released a year later with a starting price of $ 99,995, equipped with three motors producing 800 horsepower and 12,880 Nm of torque, with a range of 480 km.
Next to be released in spring 2023 is the Hummer EV2X, which starts at $ 89,995 with a two-motor setup that produces 480 hp / 10,033 Nm of torque and a range of 480 km. Finally, the base Hummer EV2 is slated to debut in the fall of 2024, with two motors producing 480 hp and 10,033 Nm of torque and a 400 km range.

The leading powertrain on the Edition 1 version allows the GMC Hummer EV to accelerate from 0 – 96 km / h in under 3 seconds, although the Hummer’s greatest ability is off-road. For that, the top-wheel-drive electric van in the CrabWalk segment allows all four wheels to be rotated in one direction at low speed so that the vehicle moves diagonally like a crab.
The Hummer EV comes with adaptive air suspension as standard and has an extract mode available that increases the vehicle height by 149 mm to help the vehicle through tougher terrain such as boulders or cross water and climb. 18 inch vertical segments. Meanwhile, the car gets standard Goodyear Wrangler Territory tires and optional 37-inch tires.

Off-road capability is further enhanced by the steel plate under the bodywork to protect the battery pack from the elements when going through dangerous conditions. Ultravition’s front and rear cameras help increase visibility when there are no obstacles from the driver’s seat.
The camera under the vehicle is protected from damage caused by the terrain, and includes a washing function to help remove debris build up during off-road use. The Hummer EV is equipped with 18 viewing angles, the best in the segment according to GMC.

The structural rigidity provided by the battery pack allows a structure that can be removed from the Sky Panel roof sections stored in the front trunk or the accessory storage compartment in addition to the standard rear cargo box. Aesthetically, the Hummer logo is widely used, and even the headlights have design elements with the letter “H” on each side.

Inside the cabin, a 12.3-inch instrument cluster and a 13.4-inch infotainment screen include off-road utilities that display vehicle features and off-road conditions including torque output, Set differential lockout, tire pressure, tilt angle and rolling angle include maximum values, drift measurement (with maximum values), friction ring, torque vectors and others.

Only the debut Edition version has functions including “Watts to Freedom”, producing a maximum capacity of 1,000 hp / 15,591 Nm of torque and lowering the chassis by 50 mm to be able to achieve performance. 0-95 km / h in 3 seconds, comes with a Driving Mode Control system that allows the driver to distribute torque to the front and rear axles, four-wheel drive setup, including a “Terrain” mode helps the vehicle increase 50 mm.

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