Goofy joke: Teen boy lying on a sofa pulled away on the highway.

This is too dangerous behavior. This behavior requires strict punishment to avoid repetition.

According to online sharing, it shows a Honda Odyssey pulling a trailer carrying a large sofa on the highway. What makes this scene so frightening is the fact that a teenage boy is lying indifferently in a chair as the car moves at high speed.

The image was shot by the driver of a pickup truck approaching the trailer, in order to clearly capture the scene of a young man lying on the seat. As can be seen in the video, the teenager was not worried about putting his life in danger and noticed the pickup truck next to him, then raised his hand. After that, the pickup truck driver slowly backs up and the video stops.

We have seen a lot of stupid behavior on public roads but this is probably one of the dumbest and most dangerous things seen recently. If the boy lay on the sofa accidentally loosened his arms, he could easily fall onto the street and be hit by other drivers, and possibly death. And yet, if the Honda itself was in an accident, he could also be seriously injured or worse.

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