Harley-Davidson GP S Le Mans Introducing

VIDEO: Harley-Davidson GP S Le Mans Introducing. The Harley-Davidson GP S Le Mans motorcycle in this article is adapted from the Harley-Davidson Breakout model, with an eye-catching look thanks to the combination of two colors Black and Yellow and many valuable equipment.

In the world of Harley-Davidson, the Thunderbike workshop from Germany is probably the most notable name today. The products of Thunderbike Harley-Davidson are always made, unique and valuable. In addition, this workshop does not stop at introducing one or two units, but continuously launching new products.

Just a few days ago, Thunderbike has just introduced a new custom-made product named Harley-Davidson GP S Le Mans to celebrate Christmas and New Year. It is known that the new car of Thunderbike is created from Harley-Davidson Breakout, which is one of the levels for the track, especially the extreme Le Mans race.

Described by Thunderbike as “a new super-premium car of the exclusive GP series”, Harley-Davidson GP S Le Mans is really overwhelmed not only by its eye-catching appearance but also in engine power.

Specifically, providing power for the car is the V-Twin engine block that has been modified to Stage IV with a cylinder capacity of 131 ci, equivalent to 2,146.7 cc, producing 123 horsepower and maximum torque of 178 Nm.

Unlike the regular Breakout, Harley-Davidson GP S Le Mans has a leg set of 23 inch rims at the front and 21 inch at the back, accompanied by a super large brake disc.

The rear rim of the car comes with a single rear shock that allows the user to raise and lower the vehicle height. The car’s front forks come with a custom system and act as a damping system.

Talking about the details, Thunderbike has given the GP S Le Mans more than 20 different degrees, from the number plate to the Stage IV engine and exhaust kit.

However, the most significant of the car must be the glossy paint combined with the eye-catching matte yellow color. It is known that the car’s shirt color is in charge of Kruse Design with the criterion of emphasizing the sporty look of the car.

Thunderbike currently does not disclose the cost of building the original Breakout into GP S Le Mans. However, according to some reviewers, based on the additional details listed, the price of the Harley-Davidson GP S Le Mans can be up to 49,000 USD, excluding the original car price, the cost of multiplication. construction cost and cost of car painting.

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