Harley-Davidson will launch electric bicycles priced from $ 2,500

At the EICMA 2019 exhibition in Milan (Italy), Harley-Davidson (HD) introduced a set of three electric bicycle models that they plan to hit the market. And here is this motorcycle manufacturer’s Serial 1 Cycle. The bicycle model is sold from 2,500 USD.

Specifically, Serial 1 is set as an announcement of the launch of the HD product line. Although no specifications or detailed pricing have been announced, Serial 1’s electric bike is expected to cost around $ 2,500-5,000.

Next, From some of the initial images of the car released, it shows that the engine is cleverly designed in the middle of the vehicle, different from most of the design mounted in the rear center like many current electric bikes. Next to that are the belt drive system, integrated battery and integrated lighting.

In particular, Brand Manager of Serial 1 Cycle Company – Aaron Frank said, the concept electric bike has been “built in a few weeks” and produced only once. Frank, who previously headed Motorcyclist magazine alongside Indian and Victory Motorcycles companies under Polaris as well as Nissan and Ferrari, said the idea was intended to introduce the Serial 1 name to the public. Although there are many opportunities to collaborate with other companies experienced in the manufacture of electric bicycles, Frank stressed that Serial 1 is not a product line, but rather, it is a brand.

As planned, the upcoming product launch from Serial 1 will likely have models in the same segment as the Harley-Davidson prototype at the Milan show.

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