Honda develops a completely new superbike using a monocoque frame like a Ducati

The new monocoque frame structure on Honda motorcycles will help reduce vehicle weight, make the body more compact and reduce production costs. While many Honda followers are looking forward to the 2022 version of the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade superbike, which is also the 30th anniversary of the official Fireblade model on the market, it seems that Honda is quietly developing develop a completely new superbike in parallel with the existing CBR line.
According to some documents extracted from the design registration dossier filed by Honda, a new car project is underway with quite a few interesting details. In particular, the most notable is the frame of this super motorcycle. Previously, most of Honda’s motorcycle models used frames that used deltabox frames, but the model in this new project is equipped with a completely different frame.

Specifically, looking at the image above, it can be seen that Honda’s new model uses the monocoque monocoque frame that is being equipped by Ducati for its car products. Similar to the monocoque frame on Ducati, Honda’s new chassis is a die-cast aluminum frame, designed to optimize compactness but still retain the suspension and details of the front steering system.

In addition, this frame keeps the car’s engine in suspension with the catchers arranged on the top of the engine, while other equipment such as the ECU, air filter and car battery pack will be arranged. neatly in the center space of the frame. Thereby focusing the vehicle’s center of gravity in front of the driver as much as possible.

On the rear legs, Honda’s new motorcycle is equipped with a single swingarm linked to another cast aluminum frame to support the lower part of the engine. In other words, what connects all the components on this new motorcycle is not the frame, but the car’s 4-cylinder engine block.

This is shown quite clearly with the details of the fuel tank arranged close to the upper part of the main frame, and at the same time attached to the saddle and the rear body of the car to form a single structure. As expected, the material used on this device may be a fiber composite material or a polymer plastic.

This design not only makes the body more compact, but also minimizes the weight of the vehicle. It is known that Honda is not the first motorcycle manufacturer to apply this frame technology because Ducati has now used this structure on its latest Ducati Monster 2021 model.

If Honda really will apply this frame structure to a new superbike in the future, the Japanese automaker will not only minimize the weight of the car but also cut production costs for these new models. . This is certain because looking at the design protection registration image, it can be seen that the number of structural components that make up a complete car is not much, and the manufacturing process of these components is not too much. complex as components on superbikes at the present time.

Looking back at Honda’s new car launch process, it is possible that future car products applying this structure are far from appearing on the market. However, this change is very positive, bringing many benefits to both manufacturers in terms of cost as well as operating performance for users.

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