Honda Monkey Introducing a special edition with silver red Monkey Johney – 2022

Honda Monkey has once again been released by Cub House with a new color version with a very lovely name and outstanding color set.
Recently, Honda’s CUB house has officially launched the latest version of Honda Monkey. Accordingly, this attractive “monkey car” will be dressed in a new outfit called Monkey Johney mixed with 2 main colors including red and silver. Thus, Honda Monkey will be added another special color to help it become more fashionable and outstanding.

In this latest version, Honda Monkey will own a large fuel tank painted in outstanding silver color with very naughty monkey motifs. On it, the words Monkey Edition are also stylized with a lovely font on a beautiful red stripe. Next, the same color as the USD inverted fork in front is a set of side skirts that are also painted in a stylish Chrome red color.

This special design is put on Honda Monkey but does not change the original design as well as the engine power of the car. “Monkey car” still retains the same power with 125 cc engine block, 5-speed gearbox for a maximum capacity of 9.3 horsepower at 6,750 rpm, maximum torque of 11 Nm at 6,750 rpm. 5,500 rpm. This engine block has just been upgraded by Honda for the new generation Monkey since last June.

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