Honda MSX is aggressive with the off-road styling

Honda Super Grom is an upgraded version of appearance and performance at a cost of nearly 1,000 USD.

K-Speed ​​Customs, based in Thailand, has introduced an upgrade for the Honda Grom model called Super Grom. This map not only changes the design but also increases the ability to navigate on bad sites.

There are a total of 15 upgraded details, most of which are changes to the spoiler as well as equipment such as turn indicators and exhaust pipes. K-Speed ​​Customs currently distributes the Super Grom upgrade kit with 3 color options: red / black, black and blue / black.

Compared with the original Honda Grom, the Super Grom version of K-Speed ​​Customs also added a set of tread tires specially used for rough roads. Unfortunately, these tires are not part of the Super Grom upgrade package.

Equipped with additional fenders just below the headlight cluster helps the car look quite similar to large displacement adventure-touring.

The turn indicator lights protruding from the outside according to the vehicle are upgraded by K-Speed ​​Customs with a compact LED light. The clutch arm and brake handle area have additional protection, limiting breakage when problems occur.

The highlight of this version is in the new exhaust cluster from the Diablo brand. Compared to the original, this exhaust is shorter and looks more classic.

The rear of the car looks cleaner thanks to the removal of the top fender, instead of a removable fender with integrated position plate mounted below. K-Speed ​​Custom says users need to spend $ 929 to own this upgrade kit.

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