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AUTO Honda

2022 Honda Integra Debuted with Sportier look in China

In August, Honda announced the revival of the iconic Integra nameplate. And now Honda has revealed a new teaser image of the upcoming car, which is set to arrive in 2022.

Until now, the badge is primarily reminds customers of compact, two-door, front-wheel drive coupes, however, as this latest teaser shot reveals, the new Integra will have a five-door fastback body style.

Owned by the Guangqi Honda joint venture in the People’s Republic, Guangzhou will assemble the Integra whereas the Civic upon which is based comes from the factory in Wuhan (yes, that Wuhan) belongs to the Dongfeng Honda joint venture. Basically, these two models are quite similar, but the new Acura version does look sleeker courtesy because the new model has a slimmer matrix LED headlights flanking a slightly larger grille with a honeycomb pattern
In particular, the changes at the rear are shown more subtly. Specifically the LED taillights seem to be sharper adopt and occupy less space on the tailgate. Honda Intergra looks extremely youthful because of the eye-catching Dual exhaust tips and a subtle trunk lid spoiler design, as does the faux diffuser bisected by the built-in fog light. Fresh colors like Emerald Blue and Fiery Yellow make an outstanding difference from the regular Civic. What’s more, it also has new wheel designs up to 18 inches in size.
Up to this point, the automaker has not released details about the interior images, but we’re hoping the cabin to be essentially carried over from the Civic. The engines have also not been revealed, although the “240 Turbo” badge on the trunk lid indicates the car has 240 Nm (177 lb-ft), which is exactly the same as what the 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine was designed in. the Civic where it sends 180 hp to the front wheels via a CVT. The CN-spec Integra has a six-speed manual, much like the Civic Hatchback.
The first car is expected to be officially sold before the end of the year. Pricing details will be announced at an appropriate time.

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