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Honda Crossroad – compete with Toyota Corolla Cross

Honda will launch a new model called Honda Crossroad in 2022, to compete with the Toyota Corolla Cross.

Currently, Honda only has two crossovers in the Japanese market, the Honda CR-V and Honda HR-V, not enough “firepower” to compete with rival brands such as Toyota (7 SUVs / crossovers) or Mazda. (5 SUVs / crossovers) in the sport utility vehicle battle.

Therefore, Honda has planned to launch quite a few new models. Specifically, in March 2021, the company will announce the all-new Honda HR-V 2021 (sold as Vezel in Japan).

However, that is not all. One report said that Honda will introduce a derivative model of the HR-V, possibly named Honda Crossroad. This will be a direct competitor to the Toyota Corolla Cross in terms of size and segment.

More likely the Honda Crossroad will also be redesigned to look more aggressive, off-road, in contrast to the HR-V’s premium orientation. The car will have additional flared fenders, or the bumper can be adjusted to look healthier.

Like how Toyota arranges Corolla Cross between C-HR and RAV4, Honda Crossroad will also be sandwiched between Honda HR-V and Honda CR-V.

On the other hand, Honda has trademarked the ZR-V name, sparking speculation that the Japanese automaker may be developing another new SUV to compete with the Toyota Raize / Daihatsu Rocky duo.

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