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What is the difference between All New Honda Civic compared to the old generation? – 2022

New generation Honda Civic is comprehensively changed for interior / exterior design. The car will be launched early next year.

2022 Honda Civic has been officially revealed in preview form (Prototype) with a more elegant design. Besides, the car also has additional features. This will be the final design of the 11th generation Honda Civic when the car goes into commercial production.

Honda often produces commercial versions more like Prototypes than launches concept cars that lack practicality. With an accurate visualization of what is going to happen, these previews are essentially the official design of the car.

The 11th generation of the Honda Civic will arrive at dealers in the US next spring. Honda says it incorporates exclusive styling features from the sedan to the hatchback.

From the first look, we can see a change in the design of the Honda Civic 2022. The new generation Civic carries a plump and softer design than its bold and personality design. Honda Civic previous generation.

But not so that the Honda Civic 2022 loses its sportiness. The hood is lowered by 25 mm at the base of the windshield, and the A-pillar and glass are backed by 50 mm, which makes the car look longer and shorter.

Column C is also made a little lower, creating a sense of the roof back. The rear of the car is fitted with a small spoiler as standard. The tail section of the Honda Civic 2022 also has some similarities with Audi sedans. In addition, this model is also considered a miniature of the “elder” Honda Accord, especially when viewed from the side, the headlights and rear windows are raised.

The headlights and taillights are both in LED form, which are standard equipment that has earned Honda the IIHS Top Safety Pick + award. The designers also moved the rearview mirror to the door, and the A-pillar was made thinner to improve visibility for the driver.

From the side, the Honda Civic 2022 seems to be the equivalent of the old generation in terms of size. Actual wheelbase and overall length have been slightly stretched, width and height remain the same. Volume and interior space have not changed too much, but the rear seats have more recline because of the low roof.

The interior is more advanced and refined

The cockpit is where the most changes have been made. Although this is only a sketch, but can clearly see the difference between the 11th generation and “predecessor”. No longer possessing a youthful design, now Honda Civic has a more refined and refined style.

Noteworthy in the dashboard is a decorative panel of honeycomb mesh, this is an ingenious design highlight to conceal the air-conditioning doors. At the top, a 9-inch entertainment screen, the volume knob is still retained. The digital dial also appeared on the Honda Civic for the first time.

The Japanese automaker promises a host of technologies found in the 11th-generation Civic, including the standard Honda Sensing active and passive driver assistance. However, details have yet to be announced.

The car’s chassis system is hardened, Honda also upgraded the suspension. The representative of Honda’s product planning department affirmed that the Civic 2022 will bring a feeling of “sporty and refined” rather than “sporty, excited” like the old generation.

There is no 4-wheel drive system and hybrid engine

The coupe body style is gradually regressing as users increasingly prefer the hatchback, especially for those who like sports. Like the old generation, the new Honda Civic will also get a manual transmission for the Type-R hatchback and Si sedan, while the rest of the variants will use an automatic transmission.

In addition, all versions of the Honda Civic 2022 will not be equipped with the 4-wheel drive system, although this feature is increasingly widely applied on compact models.

There won’t be any Civic hybrid variants either. Honda already has the Insight model, which looks like a Civic hybrid with a different name. The company has not yet announced the specifications of the engine, except that the car will be more powerful and efficient.

Most likely, the Honda Civic 2022 will be equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine like the current generation and the Type-R version will have a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. CVT variable gearbox is still standard equipment.

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