Hongqi will produce luxury electric cars

FAW Group has just announced a partnership with Silk EV, an Italian carmaker. The new joint venture between FAW Group and Silk EV is named Silk-FAW and will play a role in the development of Hongqi S branded luxury electric and high-performance electric vehicles.

In addition, the person in charge of designing for all future models of the Hongqi S product range is the famous Walter de Silva, a famous Italian car designer who used to write for a series of cult cars like Audi. A5, Audi R8 or Volkswagen Scirocco. Silva was appointed to the position of Vice President of Designs and Designs at Silk-FAW.

The first model to be researched and produced by Silk-FAW is the Hongqi S9. The concept of the S9 was first introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019 and the S9 version using a hybrid engine appeared at the Beijing 2020 Motor Show.

Design and production of the Hongqi S9 will take place at Silk EV’s headquarters located in Bologna, Italy. In the future, Silk-FAW plans to build a large-scale research center and manufacturing plant in Changchun, China.

More specific information about the electric variant of the Hongqi S9 has not been released, and this luxury vehicle is expected to be revealed later this year. After the S9, the next model developed may be the Hongqi S5.

FAW Group is currently one of the four largest car manufacturers in China. In addition to Hongqi passenger car brand, FAW also manufactures buses, trucks and auto parts. The group once announced its ambition to sell one million Hongqi cars a year, starting from 2030.

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