How important is car color to buyers? Here is the answer

While the most popular car colors vary from country to country, the majority of consumers consider color a determining factor when purchasing a vehicle.

When buying a new car, customers have a lot to think about, from price and comfort to safety equipment. For many people, color is another important factor as it reflects their personality. Some people want to stand out and opt for vibrant colors like the eye-catching Grabber Lime green in the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 or the bright individual colors found in the BMW M3 and M4. On the contrary, some people prefer softer, more subtle colors. However, color is probably more important than you think to car buyers.

In a consumer survey released by Automotive Color Preferences 2021, 4,000 people aged 25-60 in the world’s four largest vehicle markets (China, US, Germany, and Mexico) were asked about their preferences. love their car color. Of these, 88% say color is an important deciding factor when buying a car.

“Color psychology is a powerful factor in car buying decisions. Usually, color reflects the personality of the vehicle owner,” says Nancy Lockhart, Global Color Manager, Mobility Coatings at Axalta. “Interestingly, elegance, stability, and positivity are the dominant color traits coveted by survey respondents.”

It is not surprising that there is a large variation in the most popular car colors in each country. In the US, 79% of respondents said color is an important factor when buying a car. While white has consistently been the most popular car color in the world over the past decade, 30% of those surveyed in the US chose black as their favorite car color, followed by white (15%). blue (14%), and gray. (13 percent). Furthermore, 21% of this group also said that their current car is black, followed by gray (16%), white (15%), and silver (14%).

In China, white was the most popular car paint color for 29% of people surveyed, followed by black with 26%. Color was also important to 99% of respondents in China, while 64% said they would change manufacturers if their favorite color was not offered.

As for Germany, 83% of people in this survey said color is an important factor when buying a car. Black is the most popular color with 32%, while blue is the second most popular color with 16%. In contrast, red is the most popular car color in Mexico as preferred by 22% of respondents. Color is also a major determining factor for 90% of Mexican respondents when buying a car.

This exciting study also reveals car buyers’ preferences for paint finishes and effects. Specifically, high-gloss finishes are favored in all markets except China, where there is a near-equal split between high-gloss (48%) and matte ( 52%).

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