Hyundai unveils Heritage Series Grandeur – Classic design concept with modern technology interior

Born in 1986, Hyundai Grandeur used to be the most advanced model in the product line of the Korean car manufacturer. Hyundai seems to be experiencing an intense feeling of nostalgia this 2021 as the Korean brand once again looks back at its past with a reborn modern classic concept car.

This time, the Korean automaker looks back to its first flagship model – the Grandeur, launched in 1986. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Grandeur, Hyundai designed a calling machine. is the Heritage Series Grandeur, a great concept that blends 1980s boxy styling with a modern display.

The concept retains the classic silhouette of the original Grandeur, although designers have tweaked it a bit with the grille, wheels, body surrounds, and side mirrors. The concept model also receives pixelated headlights and taillights, similar to the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

However, most of the changes have been made inside thanks to the hands of the company’s interior design team. Therefore, the interior of the Heritage Series Grandeur is a place where old and new ideas collide and blend to create a space that is both strange and familiar.

First, it still has a one-spoke steering wheel and mechanical transmission from the 1980s. Contrasting with that classic equipment is an ultra-wide, modern display screen that looks like in an electric car. the latest from Hyundai, and that’s just part of what’s new. An extra screen is located vertically in front of the center console for the driver to easily control the infotainment system.

The designers also upgraded the Grandeur’s ceiling interior lighting with an infinity mirror to create a unique look. Hyundai chose copper-colored lighting as it is commonly used in classic audio equipment.

Not surprisingly, the Heritage Series Grandeur features an all-electric powertrain with an unspecified capacity, and it will join the ranks of the retro Hyundai Pony EV concept the company introduced in April this year. Following this momentum, we can expect Hyundai to reinvent many classic models with a new modern look in the near future.

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