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Genesis GV70 has fingerprint unlock feature – 2022

C-SUV Genesis GV70 model is equipped with a fingerprint sensor with many features to assist the owner.

The GV70, Genesis’s all-new C-class SUV (Hyundai’s luxury brand), is expected to go on sale in Korea next month. Before the car is officially launched, Genesis has introduced a number of modern technologies will appear on this model.

In it, the most notable is that the Genesis GV70 will have a fingerprint scanner integrated under the start button, with many support features that make using the car more convenient.

For example, GV70 owners can use fingerprints to confirm transactions made through Genesis CarPay – a service that pays for fuel and parking fees directly by the infotainment system.

At the same time, the fingerprint authentication system of Genesis GV70 can also be used with valet mode – a mode of hiding personal information and home address of the owner when the car is assigned to someone else to drive into the parking lot. Users only need to scan fingerprints to turn off this mode instead of having to enter a password.

At the same time, Genesis said the GV70 can be operated by fingerprint without the key. However, before that, users need to unlock the car using the Genesis Connected application on a smartphone. This feature appeared on the Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 for the Chinese market.

Each fingerprint will come with personal adjustments such as seat position, steering wheel, glass display, navigation information or volume level. When users scan their fingerprints and start the engine, the aforementioned settings will automatically be applied.

In addition, the motion detection system in the back seat of the Genesis GV70 has also been significantly upgraded, with the use of a ceiling mounted radar sensor instead of a conventional ultrasonic sensor.

According to Genesis, the radar sensor’s accuracy is so high that it detects chest movements when breathing babies. Thus, the GV70 can identify passengers in the back seat or even animals in the luggage compartment.

In addition, this sensor is also capable of detecting motion through clothing, blankets or non-metal materials. Then, Genesis GV70 will issue an alert when the user exits the vehicle if there are passengers or pets inside.

In case the user misses the first warning, the Genesisi GV70 will automatically turn on the emergency light, play the alarm bell and send a message to the owner.

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