Hyundai Elantra N Prototype Reveal – 2021

The fastest, most powerful Hyundai Elantra N is coming, and here’s what to know.

Just like Toyota racing GR, Hyundai is racing the fastest and most powerful branch of the N branch with a series of N or N Line cars that have been and are about to be released. After revealing the Tucson N Line, Hyundai continued to announce the teaser of the Elantra N – a pure-performance version of the mid-size sedan that came to life not too long ago.

Two images showing the head and tail of the car give a pretty panoramic view of the sports sedan’s physique. Underneath the colorful camouflage layer is still a fairly easy-to-see detail, for example the new front-end interface differs from the original Elantra and the semi-performance Elantra N Line. The side air cavity is now larger, while the nose is lowered. In the opposite direction, the rear is equipped with a large spoiler and dual exhaust pipes.

Compared with the Elantra N Line, the performance of the Elantra N also promises to be significantly improved. Temporarily no source has confirmed the transmission system was chosen by Hyundai, but all information is about the possibility of the engine being used as a 2.0-liter turbocharged 275-hp 4-cylinder powered by a clutch transmission. Dual 8 levels like Veloster N or 7-level floor. The default drive is front-wheel drive.

275 hp is not too large by current standards but keep in mind the size of the Elantra is not too large and weight is similar. The above parameter is equivalent to an increase of 74 units compared to the Elantra N Line (201 hp).

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