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New Hyundai Pony very cool interior with exquisite pixel light system, restored into electric car

In preparation for the “Reflections In Motion” exhibition, Hyundai restored its first model, the 1975 Hyundai Pony, into a modern electric vehicle.

The idea of ​​restoring cars in the past has helped Hyundai to have more unique models. After Hyundai took inspiration from the first car in its history to create the 45 concept and the Ioniq 5 electric car, the Korean brand decided to look at its legacy one more time and turn a Pony. 1975 became a tiny Ioniq 5. Specifically, this is a Pony car belonging to the Heritage Series, a work of art on display at the “Reflections In Motion” exhibition at Hyundai Motors Studio in Busan. Perhaps when seeing this car, many people will want to ask to buy immediately.

As might be expected, the Heritage Series – Pony offers a pure electric powertrain, but with unclear power and range. Considering the purpose of this car, however, we wouldn’t be surprised if it couldn’t be driven. Its main purpose is to show gratitude to the design of the original car, which was written by Mr. Giorgetto Giugiaro.

According to Hyundai’s brochure about the exhibition vehicle, “the convergence point of Heritage Series – Pony is the combination of the classic feel and the ingenuity of the glass details and modern LED lighting system”. Hence, we will find a dashboard that looks like it is made of vacuum tubes. Look a little closer and what it shows is the battery’s charge level in percent and speed in km / sec. Converting speed to the more common metric, 1 km / s would be 3,600 km / h. In other words, Hyundai created an electric spaceship, not just a car.

The door design was inspired by the original design but added premium materials and mood lighting. A bit of interesting information is that Pony also has a device called the Last Mile Mobility in the trunk. It shows an aluminum or stainless steel box with two red straps to hold it in place. The Korean brand hasn’t said yet as to what the Last Mile Mobility is actually a particular device or feature.

Heritage Series – Pony’s headlights and taillights are called Pixel Roadtrip by Hyundai, another tribute to the 8-bit and pixel graphics that you also see on the 45 and Ioniq 5 concept models.

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