If you sing karaoke well in this taxi, you can go for free

This is a job-loving taxi driver and he develops the YouTube Channel by posting videos of his work every day. On each video, he lets his customers sing karaoke while riding. The videos attracted a lot of viewers and became his source of income.

Taxi driving is a popular and strenuous profession in many parts of the world. However, you can make your work happier and more meaningful to not only forget your hard work but also bring unexpected joy to passengers, as in his case. Do Qing Luong lives in Taipei, Taiwan.

Do Thanh Luong is probably the most famous taxi driver in the world at the moment with a YouTube channel with more than 20,000 followers. Known as the “karaoke taxi driver”, he told The Guardian in a new interview that he is the only driver to train customers’ courage so they can become music superstar. It sounds futile, but in this popular internet age, you can definitely become an online superstar if you have talent and some luck.

At least, Mr. Thanh Luong is right about one thing: he truly trains the courage of the customer. In a city that loves karaoke so much that a taxi has a karaoke machine inside, this 57-year-old man’s Toyota is not uncommon. But what’s going on inside is what makes the difference.

Mr. Thanh Luong offers his clients a strange opportunity: sing to be away for free. Even if the passenger’s performance gives a good impression, he gives them cash prizes. He said the maximum amount he has ever awarded is equivalent to 180 USD, but unfortunately did not share details about the recipient. Even more humorous, Mr. Do also claimed that he was the one who discovered the local star and actor Tran Hao Sam.

The middle-aged man’s cab is equipped with a camera, everything you need to have a full karaoke session, and one thing he doesn’t tell his customers right away are the speakers on the outside. That means, the inner performance for the driver is also communicated to everyone on the right side. The content recorded inside is then posted to YouTube and other social networking sites, so the taxi driver said that being able to turn someone into a star is no play.

“No one is as lucky as me, every day walking out the door is working and earning nothing,” he laughed. “I drove a taxi for 27 years, started giving monetary rewards for 8 years, and filmed for 6 years. I filmed 10,000 videos. I have appeared on TV shows from 10 different countries. I am an international influencer. ”

Overall, this is not a bad business idea. While Mr. Do often drives his car at great promotional prices and even for free, plus cash prizes for good singers, he says that customers are often so happy with the experience that they often tip. him more than they would pay for the trip. In the end, it was mutually beneficial: he still made money to drive a taxi and customers had a chance to have fun – along with the promise of a chance to become a star.

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