The advanced automatic braking system of the 2021 Kia Sorento will be available for many other Kia models.

The all-new Kia Sorento is the first model of the Korean brand to be equipped with an innovative Multi-Collision Braking (MCB) brake system, capable of automatically braking when the vehicle’s airbag inflates.

The role of Kia’s Multi-Collision Braking brakes is to prevent the vehicle from continuing to cause possible secondary collisions that can sometimes happen depending on the circumstances. It is known that Kia will soon widely apply the MCB on many other models in the coming year.

However, this system is only activated when the airbags inflate, which also means the impact is serious. Once activated, MCB will measure the vehicle’s speed and direction change, applying the appropriate level of braking force. The system even checks to see if the driver is stepping on the wrong accelerator pedal.

What’s even more important is that the MCB system won’t work at speeds in excess of 177 km / h, because according to Kia, braking interference while the vehicle is traveling at high speed can be dangerous.

Even so, the MCB is still very useful, which has been recognized by Euro NCAP, the actual testing of the system has shown that a car with an MCB shows a 8% reduction in mortality and a serious injury. 4% discount compared to the same vehicle without MCB.

Kia’s MCB brakes will be fitted as standard on all Sorento models, including the new Plug-in Hybrid variant, slated to launch in Europe early next year.

In addition, the all-new Sorento has a host of smart new collision mitigation technologies, including the automaker’s latest Front Collision Assist System (FCA) with pedestrian detection. sets, cyclists and vehicles.

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